Illinois and Ohio primaries 2024: Live results and analysis


As we wait for the first results to trickle in, let’s take a look at the issues voters are thinking about in the state. Among likely primary voters in Ohio, Republicans are much more concerned about immigration than Democrats, according to a poll released last week by Emerson College/The Hill/Nexstar. Specifically, given a list of options, 27 percent of voters who said they were very likely to vote in the Republican primary selected “immigration” as the most important issue facing Ohio, while only 2 percent of very likely Democratic primary voters said the same.

Republican primary voters were also more likely than Democratic primary voters to name “the economy (jobs, inflation, taxes)” as the most important issue facing the state, 39 percent to 27 percent. On the flip side, likely Democratic primary voters were more likely than Republicans to select “abortion access,” 15 percent to 3 percent, and “threats to democracy,” 18 percent to 7 percent.

—Mary Radcliffe, 538


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