4 gunmen arrested from Moscow concert attack, death toll rises to 93


LONDON — The head of Russia’s FSB has reportedly informed Putin that all four gunmen from the Moscow concert terror attack have been arrested near Russia’s western border with Ukraine, Russian news agencies report.

Alexander Bortnikov told Putin that seven others have also been detained and that the search for the other accomplices is ongoing.

Earlier, Russian media posted unverified photos of a car they said belonged to some of the attackers near Russia’s western border and a Russian MP said at least two suspects were detained after a car chase and a shootout, though neither of these have been verified or confirmed by Russian authorities.

Meanwhile, the Russian Investigative Committee has confirmed that the death toll from the terrorist act in the City Crocus Hall has risen to 93 people and said that the death toll will increase further. Another 88 people were admitted to Moscow hospitals, four of which were children, the Moscow Department of Health said.

TOPSHOT – A view shows the burning Crocus City Hall concert hall following the shooting incident in Krasnogorsk, outside Moscow, on March 22, 2024. Gunmen opened fire at a concert hall in a Moscow suburb on March 22, 2024 leaving dead and wounded before a major fire spread through the building, Moscow’s mayor and Russian news agencies reported.

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Of those, 80 still remain in hospitals and 13 are in an extremely serious condition while 25 remain in a serious condition.

Preliminary data show the causes of death were gunshot wounds and poisoning by smoke products, the statement said from the Investigative Committee said.

“The terrorists used automatic weapons during the attack, which, along with the ammunition they left behind, were discovered and seized by the investigators,” it added.

The terrorists also used flammable liquid to set fire to the premises of the concert hall, where there were spectators, including the wounded”, the statement said.


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