Iowa asks state Supreme Court to let its restrictive abortion law go into effect

[ad_1] DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa asked the state Supreme Court on Thursday to let its blocked abortion law go into effect and uphold it altogether, disputing abortion providers’ claims it infringes on women’s rights to exercise bodily autonomy. The law, which bans most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy and before many women … Read more

‘Women farmers are invisible’: A West African project helps them claim their rights — and land

[ad_1] ZIGUINCHOR, Senegal — Mariama Sonko’s voice resounded through the circle of 40 women farmers sitting in the shade of a cashew tree. They scribbled notes, brows furrowed in concentration as her lecture was punctuated by the thud of falling fruit. This quiet village in Senegal is the headquarters of a 115,000-strong rural women’s rights … Read more

Gambia could become the first country to reverse a ban on female genital cutting

[ad_1] ERREKUNDA, Gambia — Lawmakers in Gambia will vote Monday on legislation that seeks to repeal a ban on female genital cutting, which would make the West African nation the first country anywhere to make that reversal. The procedure, which also has been called female genital mutilation, includes the partial or full removal of external … Read more

Japanese table tennis star reaches an agreement with ex as parliament considers a joint custody bill

[ad_1] TOKYO — A once-beloved Japanese table tennis star said Friday she has reached a settlement with her ex-husband, a Taiwanese star in the sport, ending a high-profile battle over custody of their 4-year-old son. The move comes at a time when Japan’s parliament is discussing legislation to introduce a dual custody system following similar … Read more

Vice President Harris will visit a Minnesota clinic that performs abortions

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday plans to tour a Minnesota clinic that performs abortions and provides other reproductive care as Democrats play up their opposition to the rollback of abortion rights in an effort to help reelect President Joe Biden in November. It will be the first time that a president … Read more

Duchess of Sussex, others on SXSW panel discuss issues affecting women and mothers

[ad_1] AUSTIN, Texas — A panel featuring Meghan the Duchess of Sussex came together on International Women’s Day to discuss how women and mothers are portrayed in traditional media and across social media, among other issues. The panel was part of the annual SXSW (South by Southwest) being held through March 16 in Austin, Texas, … Read more

County leader sues New York over an order to rescind his ban on transgender female athletes

[ad_1] MINEOLA, N.Y. — A Republican official has asked a federal court to affirm his decision to ban girls’ and women’s sports teams with transgender athletes from using county facilities in New York City’s suburbs. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman filed the lawsuit days after the state’s Democratic attorney general, Letitia James, warned him in … Read more

The Spanish region of Catalonia offers women and girls free and reusable menstruation products

[ad_1] BARCELONA, Spain — Spain’s Catalonia region rolled out a pioneering women’s health initiative this week that offers millions of women and girls reusable menstruation products for free. About 2.5 million women and girls in northeast Spain can receive one menstrual cup, one pair of underwear for periods and two packages of cloth pads at … Read more

French lawmakers gather for a historic vote to make abortion a constitutional right

[ad_1] PARIS — A bill to enshrine a woman’s right to an abortion in the French Constitution goes to a historic vote on Monday, as lawmakers gathered for a joint session of parliament at the Palace of Versailles on Monday. The measure was promised by President Emmanuel Macron following a rollback of abortion rights in … Read more