Medical care and supplies are scarce as gang violence chokes Haiti’s capital

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Fresh gunfire erupted Tuesday in downtown Port-au-Prince, forcing aid workers to halt urgently needed care for thousands of Haitians. Weeks of gang violence have forced some 18 hospitals to stop working and caused a shortage of medical supplies as Haiti’s biggest seaport and main international airport remain closed, warned aid workers … Read more

Former Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías faces misdemeanor charges after domestic violence arrest

[ad_1] LOS ANGELES — Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías has been charged with five misdemeanors stemming from his his arrest last September on suspicion of domestic violence, authorities said Tuesday. Urias, 27, faces charges including one count of spousal battery, two counts of domestic battery involving a dating relationship, one count of false … Read more

Book Review: Jen Silverman’s gripping second novel explores the long afterlife of political violence

[ad_1] Earlier this year a former member of the far-left Baader-Meinhof gang who spent decades in hiding was arrested by German police in connection with a string of crimes. It was just another example of the long afterlife of the anti-war movement of the late 1960s, which Jen Silverman explores in a brilliant, beautifully written … Read more

NYC will try gun scanners in subway system in effort to deter violence underground

[ad_1] NEW YORK — New York City officials announced a pilot program on Thursday to deploy portable gun scanners in the subway system, part of an effort to deter violence underground and to make the system feel safer. The scanners will be introduced in certain stations after a legally mandated 90-day waiting period, Mayor Eric … Read more

Book of kids’ drawings reflect regular violence shaping their lives in a Rio de Janeiro favela

[ad_1] RIO DE JANEIRO — Dozens of kids and teenagers from Rio de Janeiro’s Mare neighborhood gathered for the launch of a book in which they show, with their own words and pictures, how violence in their poor, bayside community weighs on their young lives. The book, titled “I Was Supposed to be at School,” … Read more

Gangs target peaceful communities in new round of attacks on Haiti’s capital

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Armed gangs launched new attacks in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince early Wednesday, with heavy gunfire echoing across once-peaceful communities near the Haitian capital. Associated Press journalists reported seeing at least five bodies in and around the suburbs, and gangs blocked the entrances to some areas. People in the communities under fire … Read more

A team to choose Haiti’s next leader takes shape as gang violence engulfs the Caribbean nation

[ad_1] GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Caribbean leaders said Tuesday that all groups and political parties except one have submitted nominees for a transitional presidential council charged with selecting an interim prime minister for Haiti, which remains engulfed in gang violence. The original nine-member council was whittled down to eight members after the Pitit Desalin party, led … Read more

Hunger soars and aid dwindles as gangs in Haiti suffocate the country

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A crowd of about 100 people tried to shove through a metal gate in Haiti’s capital as a guard with a baton pushed them back, threatening to hit them. Undeterred, children and adults alike, some of them carrying babies, kept elbowing each other trying to enter. “Let us in! We’re hungry!” … Read more

Violence is battering Haiti’s fragile economy and causing food and water shortages

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Rotting fruit, withered vegetables, empty water jugs and spent gas canisters now stock the stores and stands that serve Haiti‘s poor — a consequence of the unrelenting gang attacks that have paralyzed the country for more than a week and left it with dwindling supplies of basic goods. The terrifying violence … Read more

Maine mass shooter had a brain injury. Experts say that doesn’t explain his violence.

[ad_1] BOSTON — Brain injury experts are cautioning against drawing conclusions from newly released and limited information about evidence of a brain injury in an Army reservist who killed 18 people last year in Maine’s deadliest mass shooting. Boston University researchers who analyzed a sample of Robert Card’s brain tissue said Wednesday they found evidence … Read more