Chicago plans to move migrants to other shelters and reopen park buildings for the summer

[ad_1] CHICAGO — Chicago plans to close five shelters for migrants in the coming weeks and move nearly 800 people, including families, in order to reopen park district buildings hosting popular summer camps, athletic contests and other community events in time for summer. The shift is part of the city’s ongoing scramble to meet the … Read more

Hunger soars and aid dwindles as gangs in Haiti suffocate the country

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A crowd of about 100 people tried to shove through a metal gate in Haiti’s capital as a guard with a baton pushed them back, threatening to hit them. Undeterred, children and adults alike, some of them carrying babies, kept elbowing each other trying to enter. “Let us in! We’re hungry!” … Read more

A CDC team joins the response to 7 measles cases in a Chicago shelter for migrants

[ad_1] CHICAGO — Seven people living at a Chicago shelter for migrants have tested positive for measles since last week, prompting the arrival of a team with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to guide city and state officials’ response to the infections, including vaccination efforts. Eight infections total have been reported in the … Read more