Bellingham’s non-goal shows us football’s full-time law needs to change

[ad_1] It is the final seconds of the NBA Finals. The clock hits 0.0 in a one-point game, but play continues for a few seconds because the Golden State Warriors are driving towards the rim. The fight at Madison Square Garden is going the distance. The final bell goes in the 12th round, but the … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fragile ego is rather sad for someone who has achieved so much

[ad_1] A clip did the rounds on social media after the Carabao Cup final last weekend. We won’t share it here because the dum-dums responsible don’t need any more attention than they have already received, but it essentially involved some supposed Liverpool fans near the steps up to the Wembley Royal Box filming the defeated … Read more

Mbappe is leaving PSG: Thank god that’s finally over

[ad_1] Ice ages haven’t lasted as long as this. Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid… it has been a thing for about a decade at least. The Athletic was not even in existence when the pair began courting each other. Twitter was still fun (and called Twitter), Taylor Swift hadn’t heard of American football and the … Read more