Scientists say coral reefs around the world are experiencing mass bleaching in warming oceans

[ad_1] Coral reefs around the world are experiencing global bleaching for the fourth time, top reef scientists declared Monday, a result of warming ocean waters amid human-caused climate change. Coral reef bleaching across at least 53 countries, territories or local economies has been confirmed from February 2023 to now, scientists from the National Oceanic and … Read more

Study says 2023’s crazy Atlantic ocean heat, low Antarctic sea ice give glimpse of much hotter world

[ad_1] Off the charts “crazy” heat in the North Atlantic ocean and record-smashing Antarctic sea ice lows last year are far more severe than what Earth’s supposed to get with current warming levels. They are more like what happens at twice this amount of warming, a new study said. The study’s main author worries that … Read more

Hundreds are set to descend on Tahiti for Olympic surfing. Can locals protect their way of life?

[ad_1] TEAHUPO’O, French Polynesia — Peva Levy said he felt a powerful, natural energy known as “mana” when he surfed Teahupo’o’s waves on a piece of plywood for the first time, rushing down a crumbling white surf in front of an untouched volcanic beach several years before the steady streams of surfers started arriving when … Read more