NASA seeking help to develop a lower-cost Mars Sample Return mission

[ad_1] Responding to an independent review of NASA’s ambitious Mars Sample Return mission, agency officials said Monday they will seek fresh ideas from agency engineers, researchers and the private sector to come up with alternative mission designs to reign in sky-rocketing costs and get the precious samples back to Earth earlier. The independent review board … Read more

Ending an era, final Delta 4 Heavy boosts classified spy satellite into orbit

[ad_1] Ending an era in U.S. rocketry, United Launch Alliance fired off its 16th and final triple-core Delta 4 Heavy Tuesday, launching a classified spy satellite in the last hurrah of a storied family of rockets dating back to the dawn of the space age. The Heavy’s three hydrogen-fueled RS-68A first stage engines ignited with … Read more

American among 3 crew members to land at International Space Station

[ad_1] American among 3 crew members to land at International Space Station – CBS News Watch CBS News A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three crew members, including one American astronaut, landed at the International Space Station on Saturday. Be the first to know Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Not … Read more

NASA and SpaceX gear up for launch of 4 to International Space Station

[ad_1] Keeping tabs on uncertain weather, mission managers decided Saturday to press ahead with an attempt to launch three astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut on a flight to the International Space Station. Crew 8 commander Matthew Dominick, co-pilot Michael Barratt, Jeanette Epps and cosmonaut Alexander Grebenkin planned to strap into their Crew Dragon spacecraft around … Read more