Oil and gas companies must pay more to drill on federal lands under new Biden administration rule

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Oil and gas companies will have to pay more to drill on federal lands and satisfy stronger requirements to clean up old or abandoned wells under a final rule issued Friday by the Biden administration. The Interior Department’s rule raises royalty rates for oil drilling by more than one-third, to 16.67%, in … Read more

US-China competition to field military drone swarms could fuel global arms race

[ad_1] As their rivalry intensifies, U.S. and Chinese military planners are gearing up for a new kind of warfare in which squadrons of air and sea drones equipped with artificial intelligence work together like a swarm of bees to overwhelm an enemy. The planners envision a scenario in which hundreds, even thousands of the machines … Read more

As Israel withdraws from raid on Shifa Hospital, accounts from military and witnesses differ wildly

[ad_1] JERUSALEM — On Monday, the Israeli military withdrew from its second devastating raid on Gaza’s largest hospital, Shifa, leaving it in ruins, with the walls blown out and frame blackened. Despite the destruction, Israel claimed the battle as a victory in its battle against Hamas militants — and said it hadn’t harmed civilians sheltering … Read more

US defense official had ‘Havana syndrome’ symptoms during a 2023 NATO summit, the Pentagon confirms

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — A senior Defense Department official who attended last year’s NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, had symptoms similar to those reported by U.S. officials who have experienced “Havana syndrome,” the Pentagon confirmed Monday. Havana syndrome is still under investigation but includes a string of health problems dating back to 2016, when officials working … Read more

Lou Conter, last survivor of USS Arizona from Pearl Harbor attack, dies at 102

[ad_1] HONOLULU — The last living survivor of the USS Arizona battleship that exploded and sank during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor has died. Lou Conter was 102. Conter passed away at his home Monday in Grass Valley, California following congestive heart failure, his daughter, Louann Daley said. The Arizona lost 1,177 sailors and … Read more

Controversial military reproductive health care travel policy was used just 12 times in 7 months

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — A controversial military policy that allows service members to be reimbursed for travel if they or a family member have to go out of state for reproductive health care — including abortions — was used just 12 times from June to December last year, the Pentagon said Tuesday. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin … Read more

Why is Japan changing its ban on exporting lethal weapons, and why is it so controversial?

[ad_1] TOKYO — TOKYO (AP) — Japan‘s Cabinet OK’d a plan to sell future next-generation fighter jets to other countries on Tuesday, its latest step away from the pacifist principles the country adopted at the end of World War II. The controversial decision to allow international arms sales is expected to help secure Japan’s role … Read more

Washington approves $228 million in US military aid to the three Baltic states, Estonia says

[ad_1] Estonia’s defense officials say the U.S. Congress has passed a bill that involves a total of $228 million in military and defense aid to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this year under the Baltic Security Initiative HELSINKI — The U.S. Congress has passed a bill that involves a total of $228 million in military and … Read more

Biden touts government investing $8.5 billion in Intel’s computer chip plants in 4 states

[ad_1] CHANDLER, Arizona — The Biden administration has reached an agreement to provide Intel with up to $8.5 billion in direct funding and $11 billion in loans for computer chip plants in four states, a cash infusion that the government says should help the U.S. boost its global share of advanced chip production from zero … Read more

A suspected attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels has targeted a ship in the Gulf of Aden

[ad_1] DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A suspected attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels saw an explosive detonate near a ship early Sunday in the Gulf of Aden, potentially marking their latest assault on shipping through the crucial waterway leading to the Red Sea. The British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations center said the vessel’s … Read more