With ‘functional’ beverages, brands rush to quench a thirst for drinks that do more than taste good

[ad_1] Supermarket beverage aisles are starting to look a lot more like a pharmacy. There are sodas made with mushrooms that supposedly improve mental clarity and juices packed with bacteria that claim to enhance digestive health. Water infused with collagen carries the promise of better skin, and energy drinks offer to help burn body fat. … Read more

Many cancer drugs remain unproven 5 years after accelerated approval, a study finds

[ad_1] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s accelerated approval program is meant to give patients early access to promising drugs. But how often do these drugs actually improve or extend patients’ lives? In a new study, researchers found that most cancer drugs granted accelerated approval do not demonstrate such benefits within five years. “Five years … Read more

ALS drug will be pulled from US market after study showed patients didn’t benefit

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — The maker of a drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease that recently failed in a large study said Thursday it will pull the medicine from the market, acknowledging it didn’t help patients with the deadly neurological condition. Amylyx Pharmaceuticals announced it will voluntarily halt sales and marketing of the drug in the U.S. … Read more

Rowers in England’s university Boat Race warned over E.coli levels in the Thames

[ad_1] Jumping into London’s River Thames has been the customary celebration for members of the winning crew in the Boat Race, the nearly 200-year-old rowing contest between storied English universities Oxford and Cambridge. Now it comes with a health warning. Testing by the River Action campaign group found high levels of E.coli along a stretch … Read more

Who is Nicole Shanahan, the philanthropist picked by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate?

[ad_1] COLUMBIA, S.C. — Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ‘s pick to be his running mate in his independent bid for president, brings youth and considerable wealth to Kennedy’s long-shot campaign but is little known outside Silicon Valley. Shanahan, 38, is a California lawyer and philanthropist. Shanahan leads the Bia-Echo Foundation, an organization she … Read more

New study finds no brain injuries among ‘Havana syndrome’ patients

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — An array of advanced tests found no brain injuries or degeneration among U.S. diplomats and other government employees who suffer mysterious health problems once dubbed “Havana syndrome, ” researchers reported Monday. The National Institutes of Health’s nearly five-year study offers no explanation for symptoms including headaches, balance problems and difficulties with thinking … Read more

A blood test for colon cancer performed well in a study, expanding options for screening

[ad_1] A blood test for colon cancer performed well in a study published Wednesday, offering a new kind of screening for a leading cause of cancer deaths. The test looks for DNA fragments shed by tumor cells and precancerous growths. It’s already for sale in the U.S. for $895, but has not been approved by … Read more

Maker of much-debated ALS drug says it may stop selling it after study showed it didn’t work

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — The maker of a much-debated drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease said Friday its therapy failed to help patients in a large follow-up study, but stopped short of committing to follow through on a prior pledge to pull the drug from the U.S. market. The Food and Drug Administration approved Amylyx Pharmaceuticals’ Relyvrio … Read more

Jill Biden is announcing $100 million in funding for research and development into women’s health

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (AP) — Jill Biden on Wednesday was announcing $100 million in federal funding for research and development into women’s health as part of a new White House initiative that she is heading up. The funding is the first major deliverable of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, which was … Read more

US rivalry with China expands to biotech. Lawmakers see a failure to compete and want to act

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — U.S. lawmakers are raising alarms about what they see as America’s failure to compete with China in biotechnology, warning of the risks to U.S. national security and commercial interests. But as the two countries’ rivalry expands into the biotech industry, some say that shutting out Chinese companies would only hurt the U.S. … Read more