Dredging of Puerto Rico’s biggest port begins despite warnings it may harm turtles and corals

[ad_1] SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A $62 million project to dredge Puerto Rico’s biggest and most important seaport began Wednesday amid fierce opposition from environmentalists and a pending lawsuit. Crews with California-based Curtin Maritime will remove nearly 3 million cubic yards (76 million cubic feet) of marine floor to open the San Juan Bay … Read more

World Central Kitchen is saving lives with food but paying a price in blood

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — The deaths of seven World Central Kitchen workers in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza was a tragic turn for an American homegrown charity that, in less than 15 years, has mushroomed from the grassroots brainchild of a celebrity chef into one of the world’s most recognized food relief organizations. The killings also … Read more

Puerto Rico’s power company holds a massive debt. A key hearing to restructure it has started

[ad_1] SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A key hearing over the future of Puerto Rico’s crumbling power company and its staggering $9 billion debt began Monday in federal court following years of acrimonious talks between the U.S. territory’s government and creditors seeking to recover their investments. The hearing, which is expected to last up to … Read more