State Farm discontinuing 72,000 home insurance policies in California in latest blow to state market

[ad_1] SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State Farm will discontinue coverage for 72,000 houses and apartments in California starting this summer, the insurance giant said this week, nine months after announcing it would not issue new home policies in the state The Illinois-based company, California’s largest insurer, cited soaring costs, the increasing risk of catastrophes like wildfires … Read more

Gaza and Haiti are on the brink of famine, experts say. Here’s what that means

[ad_1] Catastrophic hunger is so dire in two world hotspots that famine is imminent in northern Gaza and approaching in Haiti, with hundreds of thousands of people in both places struggling to avoid starvation. That’s according to food security experts and aid groups, who are warning about the toll from hunger caused by the war … Read more

Hunger soars and aid dwindles as gangs in Haiti suffocate the country

[ad_1] PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A crowd of about 100 people tried to shove through a metal gate in Haiti’s capital as a guard with a baton pushed them back, threatening to hit them. Undeterred, children and adults alike, some of them carrying babies, kept elbowing each other trying to enter. “Let us in! We’re hungry!” … Read more

Japan marks 13 years since massive tsunami disaster

[ad_1] TOKYO — Japan on Monday marked 13 years since a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country’s northern coasts. Nearly 20,000 people died, whole towns were wiped out and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was destroyed, creating deep fears of radiation that linger today. As the nation observes the anniversary, AP explains what … Read more

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is now peaceful, but extreme hunger afflicts its children

[ad_1] NEBAR HADNET, Ethiopia — The cruel realities of war and drought seem to have merged for Tinseu Hiluf, a widow living in the arid depths of Ethiopia‘s Tigray region who is raising four children left behind by her sister’s recent death in childbirth. A two-year war between federal troops and regional forces killed one … Read more

Another top donor says it will resume funding the UN agency for Palestinians as Gaza hunger grows

[ad_1] NICOSIA, Cyprus — Another top donor to the U.N. agency aiding Palestinians said Saturday that it would resume funding, weeks after more than a dozen countries halted hundreds of millions of dollars of support in response to Israeli allegations against the organization. Sweden’s reversal came as a ship bearing tons of humanitarian aid was … Read more

How springing forward to daylight saving time could affect your health — and how to prepare

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Most of America “springs forward” Sunday for daylight saving time and losing that hour of sleep can do more than leave you tired and cranky the next day. It also could harm your health. Darker mornings and more evening light together knock your body clock out of whack — which means daylight … Read more

After months of warnings of famine in Gaza, some children begin to succumb in rising deaths

[ad_1] RAFAH, Gaza Strip — After months of warnings over the risk of famine in Gaza under Israel’s bombardment, offensives and siege, children are starting to die. Hunger is most acute in northern Gaza, which has been isolated by Israeli forces and has suffered long cutoffs of food supply deliveries. At least 20 people have … Read more

‘Burn Book’ torches tech titans in veteran reporter’s tale of love and loathing in Silicon Valley

[ad_1] Technology is so pervasive and invasive that it’s polarizing people, producing feelings of love and loathing for its devices, online services and the would-be visionaries behind them. Longtime Silicon Valley reporter Kara Swisher unwraps how we got to this point in her incendiary memoir, “Burn Book,” coming out Tuesday, an exposé that also seeks … Read more