Executor of O.J. Simpson’s estate plans to fight payout to the families of Brown and Goldman

[ad_1] LAS VEGAS — The executor of O.J. Simpson’s estate says he will work to prevent a payout of a $33.5 million judgment awarded by a California civil jury nearly three decades ago in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the families of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson’s will … Read more

Where are they now? Key players in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson

[ad_1] The June 12, 1994, killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman brought what’s dubbed the “Trial of the Century” that culminated with O.J. Simpson’s acquittal of the murders. The announcement Thursday that Simpson is dead has brought renewed attention to the closely watched trial and the fascinating cast of characters who … Read more

OJ Simpson, fallen football hero acquitted of murder in ‘trial of the century,’ dies at 76

[ad_1] LAS VEGAS — LAS VEGAS (AP) — O.J. Simpson, the star and Hollywood actor who was acquitted of charges he killed his former wife and her friend in a trial that mesmerized the public and exposed divisions on race and policing in America, has died. He was 76. The family announced on Simpson’s official … Read more

AP WAS THERE: OJ Simpson’s slow-speed chase

[ad_1] EDITOR’S NOTE: The first week of the O.J. Simpson case in mid-June 1994 moved quickly, with reporters racing to reach the news. The only thing that was slow was The Chase. The football great had been accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend, and there he was on live television, in the back … Read more

Plea talks ongoing for 3rd man charged in killing of Run-DMC star Jam Master Jay

[ad_1] Prosecutors and defense lawyers are exploring the possibility of a plea deal for the last of three men charged in the 2002 killing of Run-DMC star Jam Master Jay, both sides said Thursday, less than six weeks after two co-defendants were convicted. The talks just began, and it’s unclear what federal prosecutors might be … Read more

Oklahoma prepares to execute man for 2002 double slaying

[ad_1] OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma is preparing to execute a man for shooting and killing two people in Oklahoma City more than two decades ago. Michael Dewayne Smith, 41, is scheduled to receive a lethal injection Thursday after his conviction and death sentence for the slayings of Janet Moore, 41, and Sharath Pulluru, 22, in … Read more

Texas woman sues prosecutors who charged her with murder after she self-managed an abortion

[ad_1] McALLEN, Texas — A Texas woman who was charged with murder over self-managing an abortion and spent two nights in jail has sued prosecutors along the U.S.-Mexico border who put the criminal case in motion before it was later dropped. The lawsuit filed by Lizelle Gonzalez in federal court Thursday comes a month after … Read more

Key findings from AP’s investigation into police force that isn’t supposed to be lethal

[ad_1] Every day, police in the U.S. rely on common use-of-force tactics that, unlike guns, are meant to stop people without killing them. But when misused, these tactics can still end in death. Over a decade, more than 1,000 people died after police subdued them through physical holds, stun guns, body blows and other means … Read more

This is how reporters documented 1,000 deaths after police force that isn’t supposed to be fatal

[ad_1] After George Floyd was killed under a Minneapolis police officer’s knee, reporters at The Associated Press wanted to know how many other people died following encounters in which law enforcement used not firearms but other kinds of force that is not supposed to be fatal. The U.S. government is supposed to track these non-shooting … Read more

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers ask appeals court to overturn their hate crime convictions

[ad_1] Attorneys are asking a U.S. appeals court to throw out the hate crime convictions of three White men who used pickup trucks to chase Ahmaud Arbery through the streets of a Georgia subdivision before one of them killed the running Black man with a shotgun. A panel of judges from the 11th U.S. Circuit … Read more