Obesity drug Wegovy is approved to cut heart attack and stroke risk in overweight patients

[ad_1] The popular weight-loss drug Wegovy, which has helped millions of Americans shed pounds, can now be used to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular problems in patients who are overweight or who have obesity, federal regulators said Friday. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a label change requested … Read more

How springing forward to daylight saving time could affect your health — and how to prepare

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Most of America “springs forward” Sunday for daylight saving time and losing that hour of sleep can do more than leave you tired and cranky the next day. It also could harm your health. Darker mornings and more evening light together knock your body clock out of whack — which means daylight … Read more

Study raises questions about plastic pollution’s effect on heart health

[ad_1] We breathe, eat and drink tiny particles of plastic. But are these minuscule specks in the body harmless, dangerous or somewhere in between? A small study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine raises more questions than it answers about how these bits — microplastics and the smaller nanoplastics — might affect … Read more

New study links marijuana use to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

[ad_1] New study links marijuana use to increased risk of heart attack and stroke – CBS News Watch CBS News A new study found marijuana use is linked to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. That includes cannabis that is smoked, vaped or eaten. Dr. Celine Gounder, CBS News medical contributor and editor … Read more