Google makes it easier to find your missing Android device

[ad_1] Gadgets and apps to help find lost items Gadgets and apps that can help find lost items 04:46 Google is making it easier for people to find their misplaced devices, including Android phones.  The Alphabet-owned search giant on Monday released a new version of its “Find My Device” feature that integrates a new, crowdsourced … Read more

Google to destroy billions of data records to settle

[ad_1] Google cracking down on cookies Google cracking down on cookies 00:40 Google will destroy a vast trove of data as part of a settlement over a lawsuit that accused the search giant of tracking consumers even when they were browsing the web using “incognito” mode, which ostensibly keeps people’s online activity private.  The details … Read more

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says its AI app problems are

[ad_1] Google CEO Sundar Pichai is putting heat on the internet company’s engineers to fix its Gemini AI app pronto, calling some of the tool’s responses “completely unacceptable.” The new search tool, which the company has touted as revolutionary, came under fire after some users asked it to generate images of people drawn from history, such as … Read more