A Dubai company’s staggering land deals in Africa raise fears about risks to Indigenous livelihoods

[ad_1] ABUJA, Nigeria — Matthew Walley’s eyes sweep over the large forest that has sustained his Indigenous community in Liberia for generations. Even as the morning sun casts a golden hue over the canopy, a sense of unease lingers. Their use of the land is being threatened, and they have organized to resist the possibility … Read more

Eoin Colfer continues Juniper Lane series with ‘Guardians of Cedar Wood’

[ad_1] NEW YORK — Bestselling author Eoin Colfer has a new set of adventures ready for young Juniper Lane. Colfer’s “Guardians of Cedar Wood” is scheduled to come out in 2025, Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, announced Thursday. It’s the second book in Colfer’s middle-grade series about Juniper Lane and … Read more

Maple syrup from New Jersey: You got a problem with that?

[ad_1] GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Welcome to New Jersey, known around the world for Tony Soprano, Turnpike tolls, chemical plants, and … maple syrup? If a university in the southern part of the state has its way, the sticky sweet brown stuff you put on your pancakes might one day come from New Jersey. It’s … Read more

Some of nearly 300 abducted schoolchildren in Nigeria’s north are freed after weeks in captivity

[ad_1] ABUJA, Nigeria — At least 137 of nearly 300 Nigerian children abducted more than two weeks ago from their school in the northwestern state of Kaduna were released on Sunday, the West African nation’s military said. An earlier statement from the government suggested that all the students were freed. Motorcycle-riding gunmen invaded the Kuriga … Read more

In Uganda, bamboo has government’s backing as a crop with real growth potential

[ad_1] ALONG RIVER RWIZI, Uganda — Along a stretch of bush by a muddy river, laborers dug and slashed in search of bamboo plants buried under dense grass. Here and there a few plants had sprouted tall, but most of the bamboo seedlings planted more than a year ago never grew. Now, environment protection officers … Read more

Elderly Alaska man is first reported person to die of recently discovered Alaskapox virus

[ad_1] ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An elderly man has died from Alaskapox, the first known fatality from the recently discovered virus, state health officials said. The man, who lived in the remote Kenai Peninsula, was hospitalized last November and died in late January, according to a bulletin last week from Alaska public health officials. The man … Read more

Game-time guacamole may get harder to make as climate reduces avocado shipments from Mexico

[ad_1] MEXICO CITY — Guacamole, a favored game-time snack in the United States, may be getting harder to make because a lack of rain and warmer temperatures have resulted in fewer avocados being shipped from Mexico. The western state of Michoacan, which supplies almost 90% of the creamy textured fruit used in the Super Bowl … Read more