Climate change will make bananas more expensive. Here’s why some experts say they should be already.

[ad_1] London — Industry experts say the price of bananas globally is very likely to rise due to the impact of climate change — but some believe paying more for bananas now could mitigate those risks.  Industry leaders and academics gathered this week in Rome for the World Banana Forum issued a warning over the impact … Read more

Can women and foreigners help drive a ramen renaissance to keep Japan’s noodle shops on the boil?

[ad_1] Tokyo — Japan’s ubiquitous ramen shops have long served that most-proletarian of dishes at no-frills counters, where customers unceremoniously slurp and gulp their way through boiling-hot bowls of noodles.  But while the ramen joints were long an almost exclusively male domain, the cement-floored greasy spoons of yore are giving way to hip décor, handcrafted crockery, … Read more