Some big seabirds have eaten and pooped their way onto a Japanese holy island’s most-wanted list

[ad_1] Tokyo — The “shrine island” of Miyajima is one of Japan’s most iconic destinations. A quick ferry ride from downtown  Hiroshima, the postcard-perfect locale is much-loved for its giant “floating” vermilion Shinto gate and sanctuary halls built over the water of Hiroshima Bay. With a resident population under 1,500, the tiny island and World … Read more

Hot seawater killed most of cultivated coral in Florida Keys in setback for restoration effort

[ad_1] Record hot seawater killed more than three-quarters of human-cultivated coral that scientists had placed in the Florida Keys in recent years in an effort to prop up a threatened species that’s highly vulnerable to climate change, researchers discovered. Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this week returned to five reefs where they … Read more

Rescuers work to get a baby elephant back on her feet after a train collision that killed her mother

[ad_1] New Delhi — Doctors at India’s first-ever elephant hospital are using every method at their disposal, from laser stimulation to ayurvedic massage and physiotherapy, to try to get a baby elephant back on her feet after she was struck by a train. It has been an uphill battle so far, and far from being a … Read more