Book of kids’ drawings reflect regular violence shaping their lives in a Rio de Janeiro favela

[ad_1] RIO DE JANEIRO — Dozens of kids and teenagers from Rio de Janeiro’s Mare neighborhood gathered for the launch of a book in which they show, with their own words and pictures, how violence in their poor, bayside community weighs on their young lives. The book, titled “I Was Supposed to be at School,” … Read more

Vice President Harris, rapper Fat Joe team up for discussion on easing marijuana penalties

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris and rapper Fat Joe led a White House discussion Friday on easing marijuana penalties, with Harris saying it’s “absurd” that the federal government classifies marijuana as more dangerous than fentanyl, the synthetic opioid blamed for tens of thousands of deaths annually the United States. Harris, a former state … Read more

San Francisco mayor touts possibilities after voters expand police powers, gets tough on drug users

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO — Mayor London Breed on Thursday pledged even more improvements under a pair of controversial public safety proposals voters approved this week that expand police powers and force some welfare recipients into drug treatment, marking a shift from the city’s staunchly progressive policies. She also made the case in her annual State … Read more

Oregon may revive penalties for drug possession. What will the change do?

[ad_1] Oregon is poised to step back from its first-in-the-nation drug decriminalization law with a new measure approved by the state Senate that would reinstate criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of some drugs. The law, which took effect in 2021, decriminalized possession and personal use of all drugs, including small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, … Read more

Oregon lawmakers pass bill to recriminalize drug possession

[ad_1] SALEM, Ore. — A bill recriminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs was passed by the Oregon Legislature on Friday, undoing a key part of the state’s first-in-the-nation drug decriminalization law as governments struggle to respond to the deadliest overdose crisis in U.S. history. The state Senate approved House Bill 4002 in a … Read more

Don Henley tells court he never gave away drafts of Eagles lyrics

[ad_1] NEW YORK — Don Henley said Monday that he never gave away handwritten pages of draft lyrics to “Hotel California” and other Eagles hits, calling them “very personal” in testimony that also delved into an ugly but unrelated episode: his 1980 arrest. Henley, the Grammy-winning co-founder of one of the most successful bands in … Read more

American woman killed in apparent crossfire in a drug dispute at Mexican beach resort

[ad_1] MEXICO CITY — An American woman and a man from Belize have been killed in what appears to have been a dispute between drug dealers at a beach club in the Mexican resort city of Tulum, officials confirmed Sunday. Prosecutors in the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo stressed the American woman had no … Read more