Olympic track uniforms spark online debate

[ad_1] PARIS — U.S. track and field athletes have around four dozen pieces to choose from when assembling their uniforms at the Olympics. The one grabbing the most attention is a high-cut leotard that barely covers the bikini line and has triggered debate between those who think it is sexist and others who argue they … Read more

French soccer federation limits support for players’ Ramadan observance. Critics see discrimination

[ad_1] For Muslim soccer players in deeply secular France, observing Ramadan is a tall order, and this is not about to change. Wielding the principle of religious neutrality enshrined in the French constitution, the country’s soccer federation does not make things easy for international players who want to refrain from drinking or eating from dawn … Read more

Former Tesla worker settles discrimination case, ending appeals over lowered $3.2 million verdict

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla and a Black man who worked at the company’s California factory have settled a long-running discrimination case that drew attention to the electric vehicle maker’s treatment of minorities. Owen Diaz, who was awarded nearly $3.2 million by a federal jury last April, reached a “final, binding settlement agreement that fully … Read more

How a wandering white shark’s epic journey could provide clues for protecting them

[ad_1] As sharks go, LeeBeth is something like a long-haul trucker with gills and giant teeth. Swimmers at the beach might not be excited to see the 14-foot (4.3-meter) white shark, but scientists following LeeBeth’s movements are thrilled that the big fish’s epic journey could provide valuable clues to help the species. And they’re curious … Read more

AP PHOTOS: Nepal women keep the art of traditional instruments alive despite their past stigma

[ad_1] KATHMANDU, Nepal — As a child, Shanti Chaudhari was scolded by her parents for standing too close to a group of musicians playing the naumati baja, Nepal‘s nine traditional instruments, because they were identified with the Damai, part of the lowest caste that was formerly known as “untouchables.” Chaudhari, now 41, eventually overcame her … Read more

AI pervades everyday life with almost no oversight. States scramble to catch up

[ad_1] DENVER — While artificial intelligence made headlines with ChatGPT, behind the scenes, the technology has quietly pervaded everyday life — screening job resumes, rental apartment applications, and even determining medical care in some cases. While a number of AI systems have been found to discriminate, tipping the scales in favor of certain races, genders … Read more

Ghana’s parliament passes strict new anti-LGBTQ legislation to extend sentences and expand scope

[ad_1] Johannesburg — Ghana’s parliament approved a highly controversial anti-LGBTQ bill on Wednesday after months of debate. The Human Sexual Rights and Family Values bill is one of the toughest pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation in Africa. Homosexuality is already illegal in Ghana and punishable by up to three years in prison. Under the new law, that … Read more

Lawsuits ask courts to overturn Virginia’s new policies on the treatment of transgender students

[ad_1] RICHMOND, Va. — The ACLU of Virginia filed two lawsuits against the state Department of Education on Thursday, asking the courts to throw out Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s policies on the treatment of transgender students and rule that school districts are not required to follow them. Youngkin’s policies roll back many accommodations for transgender … Read more

A former TikTok executive sues the company, alleging gender and age discrimination

[ad_1] A former TikTok executive has filed a lawsuit against the social media platform, alleging she was retaliated against and fired from her position because the company’s owners in China determined she “lacked the docility and meekness” required of female employees. Katie Puris, who was the Global Head of Brand & Creative at TikTok, alleged … Read more