FBI opens criminal investigation into Baltimore bridge collapse, AP source says

[ad_1] BALTIMORE — The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the deadly collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge that is focused on the circumstances leading up to it and whether all federal laws were followed, according to someone familiar with the matter. The person was not authorized to discuss details of the investigation … Read more

Salvage crews have begun removing containers from the ship that collapsed Baltimore’s Key bridge

[ad_1] BALTIMORE — Salvage crews on Sunday began removing containers from the deck of the cargo ship that crashed into and collapsed the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, an important step toward the full reopening of one of the nation’s main shipping lanes. The removal of the containers from the deck of the Dali … Read more

Workers had little warning as Maryland bridge collapsed, raising concerns over safety, communication

[ad_1] In the moments before the cargo ship Dali rammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge and sent it crumbling into the water, a flurry of urgent warnings crackled over radios and enabled police to block traffic from getting on the span, likely saving lives. But those warnings seemingly didn’t reach the six construction workers … Read more

Cargo ship’s owner and manager seek to limit legal liability for deadly bridge disaster in Baltimore

[ad_1] The owner and manager of a cargo ship that rammed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge before the span collapsed last week filed a court petition Monday seeking to limit their legal liability for the deadly disaster. The companies’ “limitation of liability” petition is a routine but important procedure for cases litigated under U.S. … Read more

Crews at Baltimore bridge collapse continue meticulous work of removing twisted steel and concrete

[ad_1] BALTIMORE — As crews continued the complicated and meticulous operation of removing the steel and concrete from the fallen Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, some near the site took time on Easter Sunday to reflect on the six workers presumed to have plunged to their deaths. As cranes periodically swung into place and … Read more

Crews carefully start removing first piece of twisted steel from collapsed Baltimore bridge

[ad_1] BALTIMORE — Teams of engineers worked Saturday on the intricate process of cutting and lifting the first section of twisted steel from the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge, which crumpled into the Patapsco River this week after a massive cargo ship crashed into one of its supports. Sparks could be seen flying from a … Read more

Key takeaways about the condition of US bridges and their role in the economy

[ad_1] The rapid collapse of a Baltimore bridge that was struck by large cargo ship highlighted the importance that bridges play in the daily lives of many Americans. Six construction workers who were on the bridge are presumed dead. The drivers of more than 30,000 vehicles that crossed the bridge daily must find a new … Read more

Closed bridges highlight years of neglect, backlog of repairs awaiting funding

[ad_1] After a yearlong closure, a bridge over the Puyallup River reopened in 2019 with a sturdy new span and a brand new name. It even won a national award. But today, the Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge is closed again after federal officials raised concerns about a vintage section of the nearly century-old bridge that … Read more

Cranes arriving to start removing wreckage from deadly Baltimore bridge collapse

[ad_1] BALTIMORE — A crane appeared at the site of a collapsed highway bridge in Baltimore as crews prepared Friday to begin clearing wreckage that has stymied the search for four missing workers and blocked ships from entering or leaving the city’s vital port. A crane that can lift 1,000 tons — described as the … Read more

Baltimore bridge collapse puts the highly specialized role of ship’s pilot under the spotlight

[ad_1] The expert pilots who navigate massive ships in and out of Baltimore’s port must often maneuver with just 2 feet (0.6 meter) of clearance from the channel floor and memorize charts, currents and every other possible maritime variable. The highly specialized role — in which a pilot temporarily takes control of a ship from … Read more