Where are they now? Key players in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson

[ad_1] The June 12, 1994, killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman brought what’s dubbed the “Trial of the Century” that culminated with O.J. Simpson’s acquittal of the murders. The announcement Thursday that Simpson is dead has brought renewed attention to the closely watched trial and the fascinating cast of characters who … Read more

Sex, drugs and the Ramones: CNN’s Camerota ties up ‘loose ends’ from high school

[ad_1] NEW YORK — Wandering the former site of New York’s famed CBGB nightclub, pointing to familiar names on band posters spread amid carefully preserved graffiti, is like being transported to a life that CNN’s Alisyn Camerota has long since left behind. The high-end apparel store there now has kept some of those artifacts to … Read more

Alex Murdaugh gets 40 years in federal prison for stealing from clients and his law firm

[ad_1] CHARLESTON, S.C. — For maybe the last time, Alex Murdaugh, in a prison jumpsuit instead of the suit he used to wear, shuffled into a courtroom Monday in South Carolina and was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison. Murdaugh was punished — this time in federal court — for stealing from clients and … Read more

For years she thought her son had died of an overdose. The police video changed all that

[ad_1] BRISTOL, Tenn. — It was in the den that Karen Goodwin most strongly felt her son’s presence: On the coffee table were his ashes, inside a clock with its hands forever frozen at 12:35 a.m., the moment that a doctor had pronounced him dead. As Goodwin swept and dusted the room, she’d often find … Read more

Drug overdoses reach another record with almost 108,000 Americans in 2022, CDC says

[ad_1] NEW YORK — Nearly 108,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2022, according to final federal figures released Thursday. Over the last two decades, the number of U.S. overdose deaths has risen almost every year and continued to break annual records — making it the worst overdose epidemic in American history. The official number … Read more

Washington Gov. Inslee signs fentanyl bill sending money to disproportionately affected tribes

[ad_1] TULALIP, Wash. — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a multimillion-dollar measure to send state money to tribes and Indigenous people in the state who die from opioid overdoses at disproportionately high rates in Washington. It was one of seven fentanyl-related bills Inslee signed Tuesday while on the Tulalip Indian Reservation, KING-TV reported. The … Read more

Appeals panel asks West Virginia court whether opioids distribution can cause a public nuisance

[ad_1] CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A federal appeals court asked West Virginia’s highest court Monday whether opioid distributions can cause a public nuisance as it reviews a landmark lawsuit against three major U.S. drug distributors accused of causing a health crisis in one of the state’s counties. In July 2022, a federal judge in Charleston, West … Read more

Arizona legislation to better regulate rehab programs targeted by Medicaid scams is moving forward

[ad_1] PHOENIX — A Navajo state senator said Friday she’s hoping for final approval of her bill to tighten regulations for rehab facilities amid widespread fraud that has bilked hundreds of millions in Arizona Medicaid dollars and scammed hundreds of Native Americans seeking help for addictions. Senate Bill 1655, sponsored by Sen. Theresa Hatathlie, was … Read more

San Francisco mayor touts possibilities after voters expand police powers, gets tough on drug users

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO — Mayor London Breed on Thursday pledged even more improvements under a pair of controversial public safety proposals voters approved this week that expand police powers and force some welfare recipients into drug treatment, marking a shift from the city’s staunchly progressive policies. She also made the case in her annual State … Read more

Oregon may revive penalties for drug possession. What will the change do?

[ad_1] Oregon is poised to step back from its first-in-the-nation drug decriminalization law with a new measure approved by the state Senate that would reinstate criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of some drugs. The law, which took effect in 2021, decriminalized possession and personal use of all drugs, including small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, … Read more