How this ex-Apple guy’s AI glasses invention works

[ad_1] Imagine being able to see the world through the eyes of an AI. You would be able to instantly recognize any object, person or place, translate any language, get nutritional facts, search the web and even generate images with just your voice. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, now, thanks to a smart ex-Apple guy … Read more

Senate report blasts high-end life insurance plans as $40B ‘tax dodge’

[ad_1] Specialized life insurance plans offered only to the wealthiest Americans are a vehicle for dodging billions in taxes, a Senate report released Wednesday charged. Though the high-end plans’ tax advantages are legal, Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee blasted them as a “booming tax dodge for the rich” sheltering up to $40 billion — … Read more

Jill Biden is announcing $100 million in funding for research and development into women’s health

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (AP) — Jill Biden on Wednesday was announcing $100 million in federal funding for research and development into women’s health as part of a new White House initiative that she is heading up. The funding is the first major deliverable of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, which was … Read more

Biden to create cybersecurity standards for nation’s ports as concerns grow over vulnerabilities

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order and create a new federal rule Wednesday aimed at better securing the nation’s ports from potential cyberattacks. The administration is outlining a set of cybersecurity regulations that port operators must comply with across the country, not unlike standardized safety regulations that seek … Read more

Study of Patients With a Chronic Fatigue Condition May Offer Clues to Long Covid

[ad_1] Jennifer Caldwell was active and energetic, working two jobs and taking care of her daughter and her parents, when she developed a bacterial infection that was followed by intense lightheadedness, fatigue and memory problems. That was nearly a decade ago, and she has since struggled with the condition known as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, … Read more

Productivity Is Up, Along With Hopes It Will Fuel the Economy

[ad_1] The last time the American economy was posting surprising economic growth numbers amid rapid wage gains and moderating inflation, Ace of Base and All-4-One topped the Billboard charts and denim overalls were in vogue. Thirty years ago, officials at the Federal Reserve were hotly debating whether the economy could continue to chug along so … Read more

The NSO departs for a European tour, and getting there is half the fun

[ad_1] On the late side of a recent Friday night, a sold-out Kennedy Center Concert Hall crowd wound down its final round of applause, still buzzing from a particularly electric account by the National Symphony Orchestra of Beethoven’s “Eroica” symphony, as well as a skyscraping performance of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s cinematic “Violin Concerto” by Hilary … Read more