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This week’s recap includes (left to right) stories about cancers within the royal family, the impact of gender-affirming treatment on our young people — and what a night of missed sleep does to your health. (Getty Images; iStock)

Women advocate for their heart health

For American Heart Month, doctors and patients are speaking out to help ensure that women’s symptoms get life-saving attention and treatment. 

Carol Pollard, 79, who lives in San Jose, California, and Tina Marie Marsden, 49, from Georgia, share how their symptoms were overlooked — and how they fought for their own diagnoses. “Women’s health is a very important issue and requires self-advocacy to find the right medical provider who recognizes the bias,” Dr. Philip Adamson told Fox News Digital. Click here to get the story.

Carol Pollard / Tina Marston

Carol Pollard (left) and Tina Marsden (right) experienced misdiagnoses that put their lives at risk. Fox News Digital spoke to them about their experiences and why they’re encouraging others to advocate for their own health. (Carol Pollard; Tina Marston)

Some states tap Medicaid for housing 

In some states, the line between housing and health care is becoming increasingly blurred as Medicaid funds are being allocated to provide housing for the homeless. 

Some believe the move could help alleviate the health conditions that can arise from poor living conditions, while others say the funding will not solve the underlying problems. Click here to get the story.

Homeless woman asking for help

A homeless woman begs for money along a city sidewalk. Her sign reads, “Homeless & Hungry – Please Help.” (Photo by © Viviane Moos/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Cancer runs in the royal family

In the wake of King Charles III’s announcement of his cancer diagnosis, Fox News Digital looked back at other members of the British royal family who have battled the disease — from Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, to King Edward VII. 

“When it comes to demographics, cancer is the great equalizer,” one doctor said. Click here to get the story.

Royal cancers

Left to right, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, King George VI and Sarah Ferguson are among the British royals who have been diagnosed with cancer. (Getty Images)

Doctor shares ‘back to basic’ health tips

When it comes to wellness, Dr. Barbara Bawer, a primary care physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says it’s best to go back to basics. 

She shares the six surprisingly simple ways to keep yourself healthy, touching on sleep, immunity and more. Click here to get the story.

Dr. Barbara Bawer

Barbara Bawer, M.D., a family medicine physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said checking in with your doctor on any changes to the “BASICS” is important to maintaining overall health. (Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center)

What’s in a name?

Ever wonder how your prescription drug got its name? The former AI drug development lead at Johnson & Johnson revealed to Fox News Digital how medications get their monikers — and the process may surprise you. Click here to get the story.

Walgreens pharmacist

Naming drugs can be viewed as a “staged process,” based on drug advancement, which begins with the chemical name, a doctor said. (Getty Images)

Effects on health of an all-nighter

Pulling an all-nighter can have several impacts on the body, both physically and mentally. 

Two doctors reveal the short- and long-term effects of staying up all night – from weakened immunity to mood changed and impaired judgment. Click here to get the story.


‘Gender-affirming’ care doesn’t benefit youth, study finds

A national organization of pediatricians and other health care professionals claims that “gender-affirming” therapies, including puberty blockers, surgeries and hormone treatments, have not been shown to benefit adolescents with gender dysphoria. Click here to get the story.

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