American Airlines pilots union warns of

[ad_1] In a warning to American Airlines pilots, their union, the Allied Pilots Association (APA), says it’s seen “a significant spike in safety- and maintenance-related problems in our operation.” The union claims that among the “problematic trends” it’s been tracking are tools left in wheel wheels, an increasing number of collisions between aircraft while they’re … Read more

White House avoids weighing in on possible Israeli response to Iran’s attack

[ad_1] The White House on Monday carefully avoided weighing in on any possible Israeli response to Iran’s attack over the weekend but also stressed the U.S. didn’t want to see further escalation in the region. “This is an Israeli decision to make — whether and how they’ll respond to what Iran did on Saturday,” National … Read more

Israeli Artist Shuts Venice Biennale Exhibit, Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza

[ad_1] Since February thousands of pro-Palestinian activists have tried in vain to get the Venice Biennale, one of the world’s most prestigious international art exhibitions, to ban Israel over its conduct of the war in Gaza. But on Tuesday, when the Biennale’s international pavilions open for a media preview, the doors to the Israel pavilion … Read more