Ozempic babies: Women claim weight-loss drugs are making them more fertile and experts agree

[ad_1] A new kind of baby boom could be taking place. Some women taking GLP-1 drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, have reported that they’re getting pregnant unexpectedly. The term “Ozempic babies” has been coined on TikTok, with many women posting there about their unplanned pregnancies. OZEMPIC, OTHER WEIGHT LOSS DRUGS MAY STRENGTHEN NEW YEAR’S … Read more

Indiana limits abortion data for privacy under near-total ban, but some GOP candidates push back

[ad_1] INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana allows so few abortions that health officials stopped releasing individual reports to protect patient privacy — a move some Republicans are now fighting to reverse. The Republicans, including prominent candidates for office this year, want access to reports detailing each abortion still performed in the state. Advocates for abortion rights and … Read more

Weedkiller manufacturer seeks lawmakers’ help to squelch claims it failed to warn about cancer

[ad_1] DES MOINES, Iowa — Stung by paying billions of dollars for settlements and trials, chemical giant Bayer has been lobbying lawmakers in three states to pass bills providing it a legal shield from lawsuits that claim its popular weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. Nearly identical bills introduced in Iowa, Missouri and Idaho this year — … Read more

Arm skin patch system could warn of organ rejection

[ad_1] Henk Giele, associate professor of plastic, reconstructive, transplant and hand surgery at University of Oxford, was the chief investigator of the trial. He said: “Lungs are prone to rejection due to their exposure to outside air and high propensity to infection. [ad_2] Source link

Former Marine sentenced to 9 years in prison for firebombing California Planned Parenthood clinic

[ad_1] SANTA ANA, Calif. — A former U.S. Marine was sentenced Monday to nine years in prison for firebombing a Southern California Planned Parenthood clinic in 2022, federal prosecutors prosecutors said. Chance Brannon, 24, pleaded guilty in November to four felony counts, including malicious destruction of property by fire and explosives and intentional damage to … Read more

Paris Hilton backs California bill to bring more transparency to youth treatment facilities

[ad_1] SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Paris Hilton joined California state lawmakers Monday to push for legislation aimed at cracking down on the industry that cares for troubled teens by requiring more transparency from youth treatment facilities. The bill supported by the Hilton Hotel heiress and media personality aims to pry open information on how short-term residential … Read more

Supreme Court allows Idaho to enforce its ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is allowing Idaho to enforce its ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth while lawsuits over the law proceed, reversing lower courts. The justices’ order Monday allows the state to put in a place a 2023 law that subjects physicians to up to 10 years in prison if they … Read more

Asbestos victim’s dying words aired in wrongful death case against Buffet’s railroad

[ad_1] HELENA, Mont. — Thomas Wells ran a half-marathon at age 60 and played recreational volleyball until he was 63. At 65 years old, doctors diagnosed him with mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive lung cancer linked to asbestos exposure. “I’m in great pain and alls I see is this getting worse,” the retired middle school … Read more

Ask a doc: ‘How can I improve my posture?’

[ad_1] More than 31 million Americans experience poor posture at some point, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Bad posture can lead to a range of health problems, including back and neck pain, breathing difficulties, headaches, heartburn and digestive issues. Fox News Digital spoke with Dr. Arthur L. Jenkins, III, M.D., board-certified neurosurgeon and founder … Read more