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Poems by Arlyn LaBelle

White Fence Gang – Itrubide

If I can be here, I can be nowhere.
We play with our new toys, and I
love these girls, but I know
this is the same game as wives
who create a baby to feel full.
We can spit fire like fire was made for us,
we can move so smooth it is cruel
to watch our legs closing like
chinese fans, but in the end,
there are only two gods. You see,
I had a revelation. Last night, in bed
he was power and I was love, and he
was hungry for me.

I rise with my red hair

I have become woman
with many names. Many
of those gifts. From you,
I am victim, I am survivor
I am rise. The number of times
I have been angry,
could be counted in two cupped palms.
The number of times I have bitten,

The wooden floor

From the right angle, you can see
her footprints on the mopped floor
like language, or the shadow of eggs.

You think about tracing her steps,
her slow, small dance, but
the thought turns.

It is not your time,
your faith.

Arlyn LaBelle‘s work has appeared multiple times in the Badgerdog summer anthologies as well as Words Work, Persona and The Missing Slate. She was awarded a scholarship for the Badgerdog Summer writing program, and won 3rd place in the New Jersey Writer’s Project.


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