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Independent Publisher Blue Hour Press Announces the release of another bright and beautiful Anthology, The Blue Hour Volume Two a collection of poetry, prose and art.

BHtwoMcMinnville, Oregon – July, 25 2013 – During November of 2012, editors Susie Sweetland Garay and Moriah LaChapell formed The Blue Hour Magazine, an online magazine sharing art and writing by contributors from around the world. Originally intended to be a website for contributors to share their work online, the website became more popular than the editors ever imagined. As a result of the acclaim the website received, they were awarded Freshly Pressed by the website developers WordPress to highlight websites that “give glimpses into the lives and experiences of people all over the world.” Due to the popularity of the website and the quality of art and writing from contributors, the editors decided to print the first book. The Blue Hour Anthology Volume One a collection of poetry prose and art. They strongly believe in the importance of independent press and have not used Amazon to sell their books and don’t use Print on Demand to produce books that they choose to publish. They are now releasing their second Anthology, The Blue Hour Volume Two a collection of prose poetry and art.

The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two contains 209 pages of poetry, prose, photographs, painting, and sculpture. It features a vast array of styles and subjects, perspectives and life experiences. It contains some of the highest quality pieces that were published in the online magazine, between March 2013 and June 2013. This book was professionally printed with a perfect binding. It is printed in full color, on high quality paper, measures 5×7 inches and has a soft cover featuring two original photograph

Blue Hour Press uses an online storefront to sell their books. Please visit to purchase books. To learn more about Blue Hour Press, please check out their website

They have also released a single author collection by South African writer Philip Vermaas called Better Cigarettes and Other Poems. The book is more than a poetry collection. It is a 158 page book of stories in the form of poems that are based on real life experience. Philip was born in South Africa and spent time in Scotland and England. During his travels, he encountered various people from the underdog transient begging on the corner to a sexy young woman in a high class grocery store. He tells their stories in a deserving tone of love or loathing. In this series, you will read how the Author finally finds true love after years of ambling aimlessly. He has now found love and believes in something once again. This book is a lifetime of stories by a lost man who has finally been found. Beware, his writing is highly addictive. Expect more pivotal books from these ladies, they will soon publish another single author poetry collection called Rooftops and Other Poems by Heather Minette.


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