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The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two (BH Two)


Up through the tepee’s top
Photo by Tawny Holt


Hello Friends

The image of a tepee is not only a picture of a dwelling. It is also a symbolic image, each tepee pole is a marker that ties the builder to the earth, emphasizing interconnectedness. It is a spiritual habitat that embraces the occupants. A symbol of a nourishing and nurturing place.

We intend to share this interconnectedness as writers and artists in our Second Anthology, called The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two. Some of you may be familiar with our process. Susie and I select art, and writing that has been published on our website from the middle of March to the beginning June. We will email the contributors that we have selected some time in June for the July BH Two acceptance. There is no set theme, just good art and writing. We cannot compensate our contributors with a book but will provide a complimentary, high quality pdf. We will also make an ebook which will be available on Lulu.

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8 thoughts on “The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two (BH Two)

  1. Hi Bruce,

    I sent BH One as a batch email with the pdf as an attachment. I will most definitely resend it to your email, it may have been lost in the shuffle unfortunately.

    All the best.

    BH Editors

  2. Congratulations! I also look forward to seeing the next edition of the anthology.

    (I did not know contributors would be receiving a pdf of the previous anthology. I rechecked my files, and also did not seem to receive one.)

  3. Lorraine, I will look into this. It is an error on my part related to the email list. I will resend the pdf to you. Best-Moriah

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