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Paperback and ebook available for Better Cigarettes and Other Poems by Philip Vermaas published by Blue Hour Press


Better Cigarettes and Other Poems by Philip Vermaas is more than a poetry collection. It is a 158 page book of stories in the form of poems that are based on real life experience. Philip was born in South Africa and spent time in Scotland and England. During his travels, he encountered various people from the underdog transient begging on the corner to a sexy young woman in a high class grocery store. He tells their stories in a deserving tone of love or loathing. In this series, you will read how the Author finally finds true love after years of ambling aimlessly. He has now found love and believes in something once again. This book is a lifetime of stories by a lost man who has finally been found. Beware, his writing is highly addictive.

About the Author

Philip Vermaas was born to an actor and stage manager who were touring a play through the otherwise artistically barren towns of the Orange Free State in early 1970s South Africa.

For the first months of his life he lived in a cardboard box among misfit actors and similarly afflicted crew. They called him King Fred. He later despised school and, when finished, refused to participate in any formal tertiary education. Instead he sought education through trial and error.

He’s worked as an actor, waiter, hotel night manager, gym instructor, bouncer, bodyguard,
construction worker, dish washer, barman, club manager, medical guinea pig, photographer, graphic designer, screenwriter, copywriter, editor and other things too forgettable to be recalled.

He has traveled a bit and spent years in Scotland and a couple in England. Now, through twists of fate, he’s holed up in a cottage in semi-rural Johannesburg with his true love while he thinks, writes, smokes and holds her close. He is also the editor of Misfits’ Miscellany.

About the book:

The narrative style of Philip Vermaas’s collection, ‘Better Cigarettes’, is the perfect form for the range of his experiences and encounters, some of them almost amounting to stories. They contain the fresh, transient intimacies of an itinerant together with the enduring loves and attachments of a life lived.

His poems capture a sense of what it is like to be born alone in the world, to reach out, to embrace the flaws of experiences and relationships which ultimately result in the realization of their beauty. Some of his poems are truly touching (‘I Cried Like a Man’) and some seemingly quite desolate (‘My Head of Cork’) but the signature poem, ‘Better Cigarettes’, offers a pervading hope in spite of all this.

Philip Vermaas has produced a captivating and downright addictive collection of poems which include some of the best cat poems I have read. In his poem, ‘Between Free and Freer’, he chooses life and this book amounts to the manuscript of his reasoning. He has lived. You should read.

Gillian Prew, author of “The Idea of Wings”

The book itself measures approx 6×8 and is perfect bound with a paper back cover.
It has high quality internal paper and was professionally printed LOCALLY.
It boasts 157 pages of Philips fantastic poetry.

This is a Blue Hour Press publication and was edited and designed by Moriah LaChapell and Susan Sweetland Garay

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.


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