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Pinot Gris

Moriah LaChapell
The wine grape variety Pinot Gris is most likely the result of a mutation of Pinot Noir.  They both have pine cone shaped clusters and are thin skinned.  Though, the Pinot Gris grape clusters has a lovely grayish color when mature on the vine.   Pinot gris production is centered in the Alsace region of France.  In Alsace, it was known as Tokay and more recently Tokay d’ Alsace.  It is my opinion that Tokay is one of the best wines in the world.

Pinot Grigio is wine that is made from the same variety, but is characterized by a crisp, dry finish.  It is produced in Italy, California and other regions of the world.  The gradient of quality ranges from table wine to exceptional.

Pinot Gris is characterized by a medium-bodied, sweet finish.  It is produced in Alsace, California, Oregon and Washington.  Oregon Pinot Gris is often fermented in stainless steel tanks and does not spend any time in oak barrels. It is also sometimes left on the lees, meaning that the grape sediment that is not juice is in contact with fermenting wine.  This lees contact gives the wine a creamy flavor.

The Aroma and Flavor of Gris and Grigio ranges from Apple, Pear,Melon and Lemon.  The mingling flavor of honey, melon and apple are the most remarkable Pinot Gris wines.

Hugel  Tokay d’ Alsace A good representation of the best quality.
Bota Box  Don’t hate on the box, it’s good for a week day evening.
Cristom Oregon A personal favorite.

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