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In Certain Matters of the Heart by Donal Mahoney

It’s a matter of the heart, the doctor says, and he can fix it with catheter ablation. “It works miracles,” he says, “in certain matters of the heart.” He’s been a cardiologist for years. “Take my word for it,” he says. “You’ll be sedated. Won’t feel a thing.” No excavation in my chest, either. Instead, he’ll make little holes in my groin and snake tiny wires … Continue reading

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I Will Know Your Love Was Real by Kathy Boles-Turner

Please refrain from metaphors Made of heart-shaped paper, And I will know your love was real. Describe it glistening with viscera,                         Not rose-scented. Authentic emotion is far removed From that bloody muscle laced with blue veins… It’s down beneath the pasty brown stink Of the liver, in the vicinity of the appendix, That love … Continue reading

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3 poems by Marya Zilberberg

Smoke and ecstasy   You smuggle your love inLike contrabandIn the darkTongue loadedShe grinds your heartInto powderThat tastes faintlyOf ironYou areBrandedFebrileRigorousThe shiver of chainsIs a faint whisperLike a lullabyOr a distant thunderUntil her name echoesSmelling of smoke and ecstasy   Keep your gates open   Stop Keep your gates open You who are made of … Continue reading