What does science say about the ingredients in functional beverages?

[ad_1] Functional beverages — or drinks promoted as offering mental or physical benefits beyond hydration — are growing in popularity around the world. Hundreds of companies have jumped into the market, hoping to get some buzz with trendy and sometimes unfamiliar ingredients. Here are some of the latest ones found in functional beverages and what … Read more

France is proposing to allow terminally ill patients to take lethal medication

[ad_1] PARIS — France’s government presented a bill Wednesday to allow adults with terminal cancer or other incurable illness to take lethal medication, as public demands grow for legal options for aid in dying. Many French people have traveled to neighboring countries where medically assisted suicide or euthanasia are legal. French President Emmanuel Macron has … Read more

A Republican plan to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin is dead

[ad_1] MADISON, Wis. — A Republican proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin is dead. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Thursday that there will still be a public hearing to build support for passage next session, but it won’t occur until after the Assembly has adjourned for this year. The measure drew opposition for being … Read more