Philadelphia actor starring in groundbreaking musical comedy that showcases challenges people with disabilities face


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia actor is starring in a groundbreaking musical event that shows the challenges people in the disability community face.

The show was created by people with a rare disease and will make its world debut in New York City and livestreaming on Thursday which is Rare Disease Day.

“It’s definitely a comedy, it’s definitely supposed to be fun,” Shannon DeVido said.

Devido is a Philadelphia actor, comedian, singer and writer starring in the musical comedy called “Most Likely Not To…” The show is written and performed by people with a rare neuromuscular condition called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

“It’s a really fun piece that showcases disabled talent,” DeVido said.

SMA is a genetic disease that causes muscle weakness. It hinders people’s ability to move but not their minds.

“I don’t think it impacts me as much as people tend to think it does,” DeVido said. “I move about the day like most people, just they need a little more help sometimes.”

The show is set at a high school reunion in Philadelphia and highlights the challenges that people living with disabilities face, especially when traveling.

“Traveling is tough for everyone,” DeVido said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re disabled or not you, can really relate to it. I think everyone can relate to a high school reunion situation.”

The show is part of Genentech’s SMA My Way awareness campaign.

“I play a woman named Samantha, and she’s a fashion designer,” DeVido said.

The show is the latest in a long line of parts, mainly on TV, for DeVido, who said this show is especially close to her heart and will be heartwarming for people who see it.

“I think it’s going to be a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s a love story, there’s some comedy, there’s lots of great songs,” DeVido said.

The livestream link¬†will be live tomorrow at 6 p.m. It will also be on Squirmy and Grubs’ YouTube channel.


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