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Finding Compass FRONT Carolyn Martin

From Maui to Mozart, baseball fields to biblical figures, Carolyn Martin’s first collection of poems revels in craft, humor, and musicality.

These 46 poems will make you long and laugh and trust the powers that move the compass needle. A splendid journey of findings—mythic, historic, achingly individual, even psychic—it is an unusual first book because it has the richness and maturity of a life deeply lived.

A former Roman Catholic nun and Associate Professor of English, Carolyn became an international management trainer and keynote speaker. Co-author of four books on generational diversity, she has written articles for numerous business publications including Global HR, Community Bank Notes, and Nursing Management. Her work has also been cited in dozens of periodicals around the world—from Beijing to Montreal, Buenos Aires to London.

Retiring in 2008, she returned to her first love: poetry. Her poems have appeared in Christian Century, Drash: Northwest Mosaic, Naugatuck River Review, Science Poetry, Sisters Today and Verseweavers. Her second collection is already searching for its compass.
What others authors say about Finding Compass:

“Finding Compass is a very rare thing: a book that people who don’t usually read poetry will love from the minute they read the first verse. Funny, touching, memorable—each poem captures a moment that opens into a hidden story, one that will make you laugh or cry or remember, and sometimes all three jumbled together in the most wonderful way. Finding Compass offers genuine pleasure for every kind of reader.”
—Debby Applegate, winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Biography

“The plainspoken poems in Carolyn Martin’s Finding Compass are full of attention and insight and reverence. Her amazing formal prowess is not in service of the elusive or the ephemeral but designed to make poems that comfort and heal. This is a complex, earnest, and sprightly volume that is full of lightness and humanity.”
—David Biespiel, founder of the Attic Institute and winner
of the 2011 Oregon Book Award for Poetry

“Armed with wit and wisdom, with pluck and verve, with an ear infallibly alert to language’s musicality, Carolyn Martin hunts for words in quirky, untrodden places, ‘…in pine cone seeds, in berries hollied/ in fir trees, in twists of perfect light.’ And she does, praise be, find poems virtually anywhere—in a whale-watch, a Jersey sandlot, a Trojan cow, a mole tunnel. Hers is a discerning poetic eye ready to celebrate all that waits ‘…like grief or love wait—for a second glance.’”
—Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate

For your copy of Finding Compass ($12.00 plus $3.00 for s/h)
or to schedule Carolyn for a reading, please contact her at


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