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Blue Hour Press

imagesA change is coming at The Blue Hour.

After much thought and consideration, the editors have decided to close the online magazine portion of The Blue Hour and focus all our attention on running Blue Hour Press.

The time commitment of running the magazine and press has become to be a bit too great. The editors both work day jobs and are raising young children. We loved creating the magazine and will miss many aspects of our work at The Blue Hour Magazine. But, focusing our attention on Blue Hour Press is the most sensible decision.

All work that has been featured on The Blue hour will remain where it is and will be accessible online at our website.

The Blue Hour Press will remain as is and will hopefully grow. We will be revamping our submission guidelines and will be adding a $10 reading fee for manuscripts. We apologize for the fee, but printing books is expensive and we take pride in creating high quality books.  We do not using a print on demand printer, and pay attention to our writers needs. Please see our submission page for updated submission guidelines.

It is possible that we will create Blue Hour Anthologies in the future. If we decide to create an new Anthology, we will open submissions for individual pieces and works of art. Until then, please do not send work unless it is included in an entire manuscript.

Thank you so much for supporting us through the years and for staying with us now. We hope you will keep in touch.


3 thoughts on “Blue Hour Press

  1. It’s honestly lovely to hear that you are not in fact shutting down, but instead concentrating on print. A rare and beautiful move. I will continue to follow (and hey, a ten dollar ms. reading fee is not bad at all).
    All the best! And thank you for letting me have a tiny part of what you’ve done so far.

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