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Walked into the Room by Elena Pezzetta



I photograph to create some perfect, ideal world; a shelter for myself and for other people. Sometimes, I photograph by instinct, to release anguish, pain and obsession. Sometimes, I photograph for not being, for escaping from the worries of existence. Other times, I photograph to be present to myself.

I guess I need to show the beauty of things. That doesn’t mean I “add” beauty by any means or I transform reality. I just take things and people as they are, caught in a particular moment, with a particular expression or invested by a particular light, just to show to other people there’s still some kind of magic in the world, something to believe in; that beauty is everywhere and it can cut you into two.

These are self-portraits. What I wanted to express and evoke is the feeling of loneliness that often afflicts fragile and sensitive souls. They also have an immense and destructive strength inside but they don’t know how to use it and that’s why they can be called “beautiful disasters”. I was alone in the room (which is a metaphor for an ideal place of the soul) and danced around, unconscious of my own beauty and power; ignoring the fact I was leaving tracks. There’s also this struggle between light and darkness: I prefer hiding in the darkness but I’m attracted by light for it follows me. I am light; everyone of us is. There’s beauty in imperfection and every failure and every fall is a rebirth.


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