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Losing Her by Carol Hamilton

Losing Her

Her daughter lost in our bombing,
the mother mused at her comforters,
those who spoke that way.
You lose things, she said.
The fact has nothing to do
with a careless drop from pocketbook
or a thoughtless setting down of keys.
The vast theory of dark matter
can never fill the void.
A sudden puncture wound
to this encircling atmosphere
leaves her gasping, lost.



Carol Hamilton has upcoming and recent publications in LOUISIANA REVIEW, TRIBECA POETRY REVIEW, BOSTON LITERARY REVIEW, ATLANTA REVIEW, SAN PEDRO RIVER REVIEW, I-70 REVIEW, THE AUROREAN, U.S.1 WORKSHEET, COLERE, A NARROW FELLOW, LILLIPUT, BLUESTEM, FLINT HILLS REVIEW, HUBBUB, BLUE UNICORN, SOW’S EAR POETRY, DISTRICT LIT and others. She has published 17 books: children’s novels, legends and poetry. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma and has been nominated five times for a Pushcart Prize. Her most recent volume of poetry is SUCH DEATHS.


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