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2 poems by M.J De Angelis


Downstream where silver maples glow
with autumn’s final golden red
all is released from holds of green.

The silver maples, peaking, lean
as if amused by what’s been said
by riffles going on below.

Downstream where restless waters slow
to finally form a cold black sheen,
all is released in dreams instead.


Where Are You, Cat Lady?

If it hadn’t been for that cat,
I wouldn’t have caught the flu that evening
soaked by sleet. You arched over the soggy corpse.
The black street clung to you as if it were a tar pit.

I recalled some nearly extinct notion –
then offered my raincoat. You took it and laid it over that cat –
the dead cat. You swaddled it.

Meanwhile, I admired the jut of your jawbone –
It was all I could see of your face –
I saw it exposed from under your umbrella-hat.
You stretched over your newborn death and moaned.

If you had asked me to
I would have carried it, dripping, all the way home for you.
If you had asked me to
I would have put it in a freezer for you
and then you could take it out and admire it.

What’s connected to your jawbone?
By the way, is the cat still dead?


M.J. De Angelis lives on the Lamprey River in Durham, New Hampshire and enjoys fly fishing. His pieces have appeared in: “Third Wednesday”, “Chiron Review”, “Wild Goose Poetry Review”, “The Blue Hour”, “Scholars and Rogues Poetry”, “Sonnetwriters.com”, and “The Penwood Review”. Although his first passions are poetry and fly fishing, he pays the bills writing software.


One thought on “2 poems by M.J De Angelis

  1. I found the one about the cat to be quite funny. On a more serious note, some people do treat animals better than people. The hotel heiress, Helmsly (I think her name is) willed her dog to be the sole heir of her entire estate

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