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2 Poems by Molly Hulsey

Modern Anasazi

Every morning, we think we’re winding up
Concrete canyons, but really
We’re just settling in

locked into tracks
as railcars
in self-appointed
to the clock gods,
to religious relics
to the wristand
we go
to work,
to work,
to work,

to have
a countenance
piously crooked over
steely-eyed glasses,
peering down
to that
yellow median,
beneath our feet.

eight o’clock
is much too light
of an hour
to wait,
to care,
to waste

With weariness
Peeling back
Brick geology
To a sullen gloaming,
The shutters rise
And crawl
Up the fire-
Escape ladders
Of our spinal cords to catch
The flicker of some other life
Outlined and lit from behind
As a marionette,
Some spaghetti western silhouette wandering
Into the soft, sunset hum of an open window
And we wonder what we would say if we could speak.

Brown Mountain Lightning

They appeared as faeries
in the underbrush
and I caught
a mere glimpse
of their fleeting
pirouetting in
and out of raindrops−
simply hovering above
that soggy, sylvan stew
that is the forest floor−
diminutive visitors,
starry-eyed and cynical
in dim-lit
in hinged
and seemingly displaced
from past the quasars.

It was a certain tingling force
that stretched tight
like a band
across my forehead
and pulled my shoelesstoes into
the tender subject of the twilitonly
such ghosts
could materialize
their bodies
in my condensing sigh
and shine
ever so brightly
through my finger prison
with tiny static storms
against my numb palms.

the avian mountaineers
only brought their lanterns
and back
reborn clouds−

and always hugging
the timberline
at that timid
curve of earth.


Molly Hulsey is  a college freshman attending a school that rests on a mountain saddling several states and boasts of a bagpipe band (Covenant College, TN).  Her poetry has recently been featured in the 2014 Chautauqua issue, Wonders of the World.  



One thought on “2 Poems by Molly Hulsey

  1. some feeling and felt language here … i notice especially “starry-eyed and cynical / in dim-lit / vehicles” and “materialize / their bodies / in my condensing sigh” and “flighty / and always hugging / the timberline / at that timid / curve of earth”.

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