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2 Poems by Andira Dodge

lazy by the river

what do you want

from me
she asked skimming the shallows
with lazy fingers

shall I unfold
my frame
to hold
your burdens

will you let me seep
through your cupped hands

would you capture
my light
to keep
for your dark nights

can you join
my harmony with the moon

what will we be
she whispered
sighing heavily
when time has fallen away

is it a real memory?

I recognized that dress
from more than seventy years ago
and knew how the fibers felt
hugging my curves, skimming my lines<

how is that?

I could describe the sauce
drizzled on the chicken
from the bistro
we visited when we were young

where was I?

I could feel your hand grab mine
as we jumped the pond
in the city park
as children laughed nearby

do you still see it?

I know every word to that old standard
and recall how we harmonized
to the ferry’s moaning horn
as we left the city

can you hum it with me?

I can smell the fresh linen
and taste the steaming bread
from the hotel room
where we fell asleep and awoke older

should we linger?


Andira lives in rural Pennsylvania and spends much of her time either writing or thinking about writing. You can read more of her work at wordrummager.com



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