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INDEFINITELY by Luellen Fletcher

How long we live, maybe
A little longer
With a definitive linkage, breath to breath

No bridge we can easy over
To picnic the other side… cucumbers, dill, raspberries, cream
Ground warm toes
Nothing lifeless above, below

We could build a bridge precise texture of weighted materials
Placing bricks as we expressed them where exposed was air
Or say… just surveying the property, not claiming
Space, the moon’s terror, responsibility
    Of stars
Giddy light, our laughter

Someone wanted to believe in it
I sat in the holy coffee shop, heard a poet groan
The relationship is over

Indefinitely … suspicious life sentence frantic to jump ship without a life buoy
At very short notice

Indefinitely time it is, not the time it is
No commitment to either state of being,
                    No commitment to sky     to water

Are the pea pods fresh, do you sell false beams
(to resuscitate the hardware man, the grocer)
Not really, not exactly

Don’t nod your head and say
You’re right, probably,
                                    Don’t stop listening

Stubbed toe, dark trough throat
On and on, not admitting truth beside the falsity of things
That beg to be thrown away but cannot be thrown

As in love, indefinitely=
Theoretically, no reason to fly


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