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3 poems by mamta madhavan

Rain on the Dry Land
A cloak of mystery
hung on the branches.
The dry leaves made no sound,
nor did the creatures of the wood
as they looked up chanting
an invocation.

With his blade he made
a thin tear in the sky.
The trapped rain pattered
on the pavements and woods.

He opened the antiseptic
and applied it
to the nick.

Epitaph (for Cara)


May morning. Warm hands
of sunlight stretch to
adjust the time on my clock.


9 o’ clock. Sun roses catch
the colors of dawn – rose,
peach, white, yellow. I
leave for work. Threads
of paisley dance intricately on
my skirt.


A chunk of rainbow falls
on the colorless gravel after
an early shower.
you rest as the hues
seep in through the mud.


The slag adjusted her bodice in front of the mirror
at his holiday home in the country side
as the raindrops swelled and rolled
down the mud wall. A clump of wildflowers
wilted, and left behind a muddied remainder
of the monsoon and his warm breath.

mamta madhavan’s poems have been published in print and online journals


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