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IRAQ by James McGurk

Dixie Lee got a call today
Her son was on his way
To a giant sandbox
Where young men and women play
And the price they pay
Will seep
              Into the grains
                That covers a prize
                That clouds mans eyes
                With a greed
                That makes
                                Their God cry

All the Dixie lees
                Got a message today
                Their sons and daughters
                Were going to fight
                                    For a right
For a few people to say
My God
              Not your God
On a sandy tombstone
That will wear away with tears
And seep into the grains
That covers the prize
That clouds mans eyes
With a greed
                      That makes
                      Their God cry

Dixie Lee went to church today
                                                      To pray
For all the other Dixie Lees
                                       Of the world
And their children
              That used to play
In the empty sandboxes of time
When toys of war
                        Were only toys
And tears were kissed away
And the only prize
                        Was a Childs smile
From a God
                      On trial

Aged Poet living for the betterment of self. Soon to hit 80 but just a figure of knowing all is relative. Still deciding on editor for book I finished some time ago. No rush as time is no indicator of anything finished.


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