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She said Hey by Bruce Ruston

She came home and said
something like
Hey how you doing
But I didn’t tell her
that I have been
indulging in a
sweet and sour
strawberry string
there is a living ghost
on Facebook
and I can’t decide if
it is wrong to unfriend
the dead
so that I am not reminded
about the countdown
of my own mortality
or of my family
like a sordid experiment
so she said something
about the weekend
which produces guilt
for a spoil I haven’t committed
in the spot in my mind
that is addicted to
a strawberry string sadness
where Netflix plays
and the dent on my side
of the bed becomes more
While I try and decide
about a living ghost
what is wrong and what is
right in this media induced
whoring that develops from
beta to final release to a total
sadness 2.0

Bruce Ruston is enjoying his second life having recently moved from Somerset (uk) to Mid Wales. Wales is an area of astounding natural beauty where poetic art is in the fabric of the countryside.  He’s still Writing and taking Photos at www.bruceruston.com/blog and getting back to the poetry roots at http://whodreamsmeright.wordpress.com/


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