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2 Poems by John Swain

Path to Bear Mountain

Rain as the hill rose
in the arch of a bear
over the green plain.
Dark scree opened
like the fountain
of an arrow wound
where I washed
myself of the age.
Unbelievable winds
tell the wild power
and pain bled
forever in the land.
I placed a single stone
below the oak
uniting my directions
from the chaos
of the lightning fork.
Red cloths snapped
from the branches
of a spindling tree
on the crag
becoming a hawk    

to devour the sky
like thunder
across the summit.

The Grey Far

Undressing in rain,
the mountain of your hand
is my true grave
as a peregrine falcon
enfolds the sea
with vast wings
like the vault
of a perilous heart.
The tide you resemble
raised me again
from the grey far
taking a blue ship.
And like a lotus
your lifted thighs
smelled of ocean
beginning an endless release.
In the night wading
to hail divinity,
I changed face
with the painted mask
of each wave.


John Swain lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Red Paint Hill published his first collection, Ring the Sycamore Sky.


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