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Self Seen – by Michele Seminara

Self Seen

Impassive as a mountain
I sit, hands resting reverentially in
the infertile valley of my lap,
face glowing like the gibbous moon
and hair as vaingloriously glossy
as the Jewess’s wedding wig.

Others incline inquisitively
their thoughtful hands cup jutting jaws
their sharp eyes peck the gold from dross
and their hair like blazing halos
is conspicuously mussed.

Only I seem to sit
insensate as Vesuvius,
internally vibrating on the verge
of deliquesce —

Michele Seminara is a poet and yoga teacher from Sydney, Australia. Her work has been published in online and print journals such as Bluepepper, Tincture Journal, and PASH capsule, and she was nominated by The Blue Hour Magazine for a Pushcart Prize. Her passions are emptiness (the Buddhist kind) and poetry. She blogs at http://micheleseminara.wordpress.com and is on Twitter @SeminaraMichele


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