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Survivor Guilt by Martha Landman

Those birds entice the sky!
Their chitter-chatter tweets
birth the day like mountains birth from the ocean floor.
A hillside village disappears in an Afghan landslide.

Pleasure satiated
possums retire to their trees.
Arising from a flower bed a cat stretches and lazes towards a feed.
It will take years to find a missing plane.

The sun, light-hearted, courageous,
brims above the horizon and unshrouds the day;
a lone hen cackles the number of eggs laid.
Three killed by twin bombs in Mombasa.

Saturday morning
cradles the suburb; someone reads
Louise Bogan, prays for lawnmower-silence.
In Sydney a man dies, crossing the freeway.

A door slams!
In the distance a car or two — sirens . . .
In the backyard the gardener earns $20 an hour.
Four stolen tamarins returned to Blackpool zoo.


Martha Landman writes in far North Queensland, Australia.


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