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Bike Duty Truach by Christy O Donnell

In a well kept old cottage by the side of a hill,
She sits there alone and remembers her fill,
Her fullness of memory as her life passes by,
She thinks it’s too fast like a blink of her eye,
A marriage so loving and a husband that cared,
Oh she just longs for the times they both shared,

The happy ones when the kids all appeared,
And even the sad ones some of which she feared,
They’ve made a road now at the end of her lane,
And she watches still but it’s never the same,
Cars zoom by all day and all night,
Sometimes they crash and she wakes with a fright,

The children visit and ask her to come live with them,
And always she refuses saying it would be a mortal sin,
Sure isn’t your father just lying in wait down the road?
And when I call to visit him he lightens my load,
I can stroll to the corner and shop in the store,
I’m a simple woman and I could want for no more,

Don’t the young fellas come to fish in the stream past the dyke?
And each of them ask if I could mind their old bike,
It’s no bother to me as I rarely if ever go out,
And if they get lucky in the stream then for supper I get trout,
And who’d mind their stuff if I go live in the city,
Your father would be left alone and that’s a pity,

I sit by my door and its half open half closed,
And I recall all of you as you stood here and posed,
As each of you left to get on with your chosen life,
Your sisters with husbands and you with your wife,
And each of you ask if I will come live with ye,
But where would I sit and who then would I see,

I can tend to my life and see you one and all,
As I look out my door and memories I recall,
This cottage was built by your father here on this ground,
Until I am finished with life here I will be found,
In that well kept old cottage by the side of that hill,
She kept an eye on our bikes and fondly I remember her still.

Christy O Donnell is Irish, he’s 50 yrs old (he never thought he’d make it this far in life).
He likes to turn stressful situations into humourous poetry.
He likes fishing.
He was brought up in a family of 10 girls 3 boys.
He loves to laugh and see people have a good time.
He reads and writes poetry in the Whitehouse Bar in Limerick as well as on the Nail Run by the Limerick Literary Center.


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