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’60s Drive By – Rick Hartwell

Shattered glass, shotgun blast, blacked-out car driving fast. Rural market shot up by short-changed rebels, payback fulfilled by speeding past at 2 a.m.; thunder and lightning in Fairview Valley echoes teenage-angst, retribution and refund from a sawed-off, break-action 20-gauge. Childish, adolescent, dangerous, but still with no backward remorse.   Rick Hartwell is a retired middle … Continue reading

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Breeding Hyphens by Michael Prihoda

complacency breeds hyphens where agendas place commas, only line breaks and first line indentations stalwart against insanity as inky organizations disguise white space in their invasion. no matter how many lines typesetting gives a paragraph, somehow the white space wins, the fear and loathing Thompson found in Las Vegas as grimly constant backdrop to bent … Continue reading

Short Story

What You Dread You Become by Michael C. Keith

                                                For as our diff’rent ages move,                                                ‘Tis so ordained, would Fate but mend it,                                                 That  I shall be past making love,                   … Continue reading